Friday, December 4, 2009


So...initially my client and I were going to do this Tai Ping wool and silk rug in her entryway. Custom sample was ordered. It seemed like a great idea.

We threw it out in the entryway. Bravo! We'll take it!

Just then her Russian housekeeper Luba whispered..."I sink it vood be better reverse. More brown. Less white. Easier to clean. That's just vhat I sink." Sweep, sweep.

No shit, Luba. You might want to add designer to your resume.

...and I call MYSELF a designer. I sink I am. I sought I was.


  1. Got news for the housekeeper....the dark brown is gonna show every bit of lint that comes in. She is going to go nuts trying to keep up with it. I had a client, like, DECADES ago who had huge white dogs who got on the furniture. Client wanted a pure white sofa. She said, and I have never forgotten this, when it looks dirty, I clean it! She, and her pony-sized dogs, were very happy with their white white sofa. Bottom line: the only way to make a calm, not-so-patterned entry rug look clean all the time, is to buy one that looks grody to begin with. You weren't so off track, Jen.

  2. I think lint is easy to vacuum up. Dirt requires scrubbing. I am with Luba.

  3. Luba -housekeeping? I would offer her a chair by the fire!!! Plus the wodka!!!

  4. you have Luba's card ;)
    xo Mrs. Havercamp

  5. Lint will vacuum up...sort of. Sometimes not. Wool is naturally stain resistant. I have very light, yummy wool carpeting, and two scrappy dogs, and I get all KINDS of icky stuff up with a vacuum and, for wetter stuff (I will say no more), water. So call me crazy, but I think one choice has as many problems as the other. It's just life.....and most of it cleans. (Thanks to the Lubas of the world.)

  6. OMG!! I laughed out loud at this post. My son was adopted from Kazakhstan, where a good percentage of the population is of Russian heritage. What I learned (and loved) about the people we met there (during our 6 week stay) was that they call it as they see it. So kudos to Luba! And kudos to you and your client for being open to Luba's perspective. Jenny C.


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