Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pucker Up

I sure as hell didn't mean to buy this Saturday morning but I got an urgent email from One Kings Lane in the middle of waffles and bacon.

San Francisco's Fisher Weisman liquidated. Lucky me. This lipstick red Spitzmiller lamp will now jump start the makeover here...

God knows it needs it.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Dallas Palace is Done

Little things make big things happen...and here they are. All the details that I didn't capture previously. Thanks to Chris and Tabitha Sabat from Dallas who took these pics!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

La Schwing

Treasures come along only so often...and today...was it.

M and I stumbled into my favorite antique store Pewter Rabbit. I walked up to Shelley...

Me: Have any treasures?
Shelley: I have something that you will love.
Me: Really? Don't be a tease.
Shelley: You will like it. I know you by now...

We trudged to the back room...and there they were. Fresh baguettes, Edith Piaf and powdered wigs filled my senses. I was near collapse. One glorious pair of gilded and carved French stools sat before me. The stools of my dreams...

...and then they were mine.

Clarence House's leopard silk velvet on a pair of old French stools. I know. Design cliche. It's happening, though...and by the time my kids inherit these guys the velvet will just be getting good.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mad Cow

I am working on a bedroom for one of my favorite clients.

Marshall Street Bed in Geneva Gray by Thom Filicia for Vanguard. We got a little crazy and decided to upholster the headboard in Holly Hunt's Smooth & Silky Pewter cowhide.

Old school pillow tuck coverlet in Larsen's Soiree Velvet in Butterscotch plus one long bolster in Dedar's Silk Ikat Bukara.

Maybe a few square shams for height. In platinum satin. Quilted. It's gonna be hot.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cabin Fever

My previous post was on this hot spot. Big Sky? Uh. No. Small World is more like it. Turns out that my father and stepmother know the owner. Gregg. My new BFF.

Gregg was kind enough to invite us up for a visit.

On the drive up to the cabin I had my toes crossed and my mace ready just in case he had some notion to knock me off over my (barely) flip post. Thank god there were too many witnesses as Gregg and his lovely wife had arranged a picnic up at the cabin for friends. Whew.

Gregg helped me make sense of a very unique and incredible property. It turns out that one of the guys who invented something to do with Nike Air (not details I retained) built this cabin on the edge because he LIVES on the edge. He used to HANG GLIDE off of his front porch.


That's normal.

Gregg gave me a quick tour. The cabin is decorated perfectly. Here is the little kitchen. Small but bigger than Manhattan-style.

Hide curtain detail. LOVED!

Dining room outfitted in a set from Old Hickory via Whispering Pines in Red Lodge. Cupboard original to the cabin. New paint and horn hardware.

Powder room. Vintage fishing creel to house the tp.


Trap door.

Which led to...


Outdoor shower. Where a snake wove through the grass straight across my toe.
I screamed liked a big fat baby. Big fat city slicking baby.

We headed back to town after a very nice visit with Gregg and his family up at the cabin.

We were all just crazy about the place...and we think they should keep it.