Saturday, February 27, 2010

11th Hour

While my client was away in Hawaii it was my job to get his sofa and two poufs reupholstered.

The upholsterer was right on schedule until he unrolled the end of the 24 yards of Peter Fasano's Venetian Velvet in Porcini. It was crimped and creased at the end. Bummer but these things happen. Thank god for Fed Ex. I am driving 3 extra yards of velvet to the shop that was overnighted to me (thank you Salty Pete!).

This stuff HAS to be ready as he is having a party on Friday. A welcome home party. A Truman Capote ode to his fabulous self sort of party.

An 'as his decorator I would have to drape my martini fueled self over the missing cushions all night' sort of party.

Well, it all worked out. Cushions completed. The sofa looks like a silver mink stole. The poufs were repoufed with the back side of an apple green Groves Bros. fabric.

Done? No. It's funny how if you work on a room slowly...the room will tell you what it needs. I don't mean to get ouiji on you...but it's true. I think that is why MOST 48 hr makeovers don't get it right...because the decorators didn't get a chance to listen. To the ouiji. Ness. Of the room. Listen room. This is what you need. Next. A wool and silk Tibetan from Kelly W. at The Rug Company.


  1. OMG! That sofa is DIVINE! Almost Martini colored! Love it!
    xo Mrs. H

  2. Hel-lo. Looks amazing! Well done Jen!
    Loving your work, when is it my turn? My poufs need re-poufing...

  3. "Listen. To the ouiji. Ness. Of the room" - perfectly stated. Beautiful work.

  4. Nice blog, Jen! My girlfriend just had a nice big custom couch made for us, covered in a very ORANGE Maharam fabric. Just delivered, it looks great. Brightens up the basement rave cave nicely :)

  5. gorgeous! I guess that's why my home is still not "done" after 3 years, ha!

  6. Nicely, done.
    Makes a sophisticated statement.

    Comment on one of your other photos.
    Love your black handbag against the gray leather.
    Enjoy your blog.

  7. Nice Job! I understand the need to have a psychic moment with the space. You have to feel it out and listen to what it needs. Nice comparison.

  8. The greens really add that soemthing! Beautiful! EVERY.SINGLE.THING.

  9. Fantastic... so glad I came across your blog! Will be following.

  10. This is GORGEOUS. Just looking at the room, and the couch, is calming. So glad a friend sent me your blog. As a fellow Eugenian, I'm wondering if you have any recommendations of somewhere I can get custom sofa slipcovers that don't cost as much as just buying a new couch. Thoughts?

  11. I keep going back to look at the "before" and "after" again and again. Such simple changes, but so incredibly stunning.


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