Thursday, July 15, 2010

La Schwing

Treasures come along only so often...and today...was it.

M and I stumbled into my favorite antique store Pewter Rabbit. I walked up to Shelley...

Me: Have any treasures?
Shelley: I have something that you will love.
Me: Really? Don't be a tease.
Shelley: You will like it. I know you by now...

We trudged to the back room...and there they were. Fresh baguettes, Edith Piaf and powdered wigs filled my senses. I was near collapse. One glorious pair of gilded and carved French stools sat before me. The stools of my dreams...

...and then they were mine.

Clarence House's leopard silk velvet on a pair of old French stools. I know. Design cliche. It's happening, though...and by the time my kids inherit these guys the velvet will just be getting good.


  1. Is it wrong to be completely jealous! Just out of curiousity and just in case I ever stumble across a pair of gilded carved french stools how much should I expect to pay for them?

  2. to. die. for. cliche, whatever! classic, yes! so gorg!

  3. I will play nice and say that I am totally happy for you. maybe that way, the universe will reward me for being a good girl and bring a pair of those into MY life...

    anybody listening?

  4. J'Adore!!! and the fabric is to DIE for!!!!!!

  5. You must have been a very good girl. Those are awesome. I like your entry/hallway? too. cool.


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