Thursday, September 2, 2010

The eState of Dunbar

Midcentury Man called again. He ran into an amazing estate. Apparently, in the 1950s a newly married couple was given an entire house full of Dunbar furniture. Luckyweds. After the kids picked through the house my guy still managed to score some stunning items. Here are just a few.

A very large solid mahogany table by Dunbar. I think it would look better stained a rich dark brown. In my opinion.

There were also 10 of these chairs.

Possibly by Dunbar, although, unsigned. They are still very pretty. Stained brown and reupholstered in Prussian blue velvet.

Gorgeous sideboard with original raffia sliding doors. Stained brown.

With two of these sconces above it.

And this in between.
Here is the piece de la resistance, though. This dresser. Edward Wormley designed a pair of these for Dunbar...called the Mr. and Mrs. Chests.

Hairpin feet.

A pair of these sold recently for $16,000 at auction.

For years, I have jokingly told my husband..."if you leave me I'm going with you". If these were ours I might change that to..."if you leave me I get the dressers".


  1. wow.
    makes you wonder the kids walked away with!

  2. Midcentury furniture always makes me gasp. I adore the lines. And that dresser? I die...

  3. Those were the "leftovers"?? Wow, what a score!

  4. I agree with Anita! I'd love to peek at what the newlywed. Love all of this. Those chairs are pretty fantastic.

  5. New to your blog and eating it up. I am especially salivating over those chairs! I would have restored them similar to how I did this little number in my bedroom (bottom of the post). I hope you post some after pictures. The whole lot is amazing. Great score!


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