Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When a company willingly sells you 3/4 of a yard of fabric
without a cut fee or a snotty refusal...it's expensive.
Which is exactly why it took me so long to order this silk velvet.

Nothing else would do for these stools.
Not that I didn't look. I did. A lot.

When I misplaced the original sample when the remodel began...

...the showroom sent me this picture to confirm the fabric.

And confirm I did...with tears in my eyes and divorce court in sight.
If you have felt the infamous Clarence House Jaguar Velours Soie,
though, handmade in Italy, then you are just as purr-klempt as I am.


  1. You are too funny. I feel your pain (and excitement)!

  2. This will be a decision you won't regret!! You'll love these for ever (and of course if you don't you can always count on your loyal readers to help you out in a pinch!) I can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Ahh, yes for all those of us out there who succumb to the power of the tactile way things MUST feel to the touch!

    There is no substituting.....

    I do hope you end up with the 3/4 piece in your settlement! It would be catty for a fight over those spots!


  4. i have a 3 yard master sample on the floor of my closet...just saying. #whiteboyproblems.

  5. Ha! I can totally feel your agony and ecstasy!
    Indeed, once you feel and see this little piece of Heaven, nothing else will do.
    Enjoy every minute of those stools.


  6. Glad we have a happy ending here. Looks fabulous on the image!

  7. i had pillows made out of last year! the fabric is gorgeous.

    I want to thank you sooo much for the Christmas card. Your kids are so beautiful. I was thrilled to get it. !!!!!! You are so sweet to think of me.


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