Saturday, October 8, 2011


I bought a Paul McCobb stool by Calvin on ebay. For $200.
Then I stashed it in a closet. For 6 years.

Last year I pulled it out and had it reupholstered
with Dedar's cotton/linen/silk charcoal ikat.

Then I started looking for it's twin. They were out there but
they were no longer $200. Not even close. I finally found
one, though...from the adorable Nathan Turner.

It arrived on a giant truck.

The movers brought it in. White glove. Which was hilarious.

A little more ikat and a little more time and it will look just like this.

And finish this.

Lesson? Patience is a virtue. No, patience is bloody expensive.


  1. I'm so jealous! Period. The end.

  2. Even your closet floors are gorgeous!
    When is your One Kings Lane, sale?

  3. Please: Clean out your storage closet and send me that adorable white oriental figure lamp that is wasting a way in there....TODAY!!! I have THE PERFECT spot for it!

  4. Oh how I miss seeing you Jen! Maybe someday soon? Could I be so lucky?

  5. Don't recover the original upholstery on the recent Paul McCobb! OR at least save it!


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