Friday, March 16, 2012


It seems like Blackamoors are everywhere these days.
They come in all shapes but only one color.

This one is on Michelle Nussbaumer's blog. $2800.

Four Blackamoors (two shown) guard the corners at Hutton Wilkinson's place.

My Blackamoor pendant by Corletto that I bought on Etsy. $170.

Important (that always cracks me up) Venetian Blackamoor Mirror at Sotheby's. $321,548.

Blackamoor table at Pariscope. $3,600.

Blackamoor sconces at Dragonette. $9,500.

And MY fancy little blackamoors that I bought last year for a song. 

I think they are Venetian polychrome blackamoors. It looks like they used to be lamps.
I tried to have them rewired but the old wires were PLASTERED IN! AHHHHH!
So, I just screwed some brass candle holders in place instead.

 The brass candle holders aren't the answer. I'm still looking.
These fancy pants deserve something better, don't ya think?


  1. I just found your blog last week and almost read through the entire thing one day. I love it so much and wanted to tell you. I also nominated you for a little award that I got to pass on over on my blog.

    1. If I were house hunting, I would totally want your house. I still think about that fireplace, but that's not what I'm commenting about--I saw that you're donating a design consultation to Edison's auction. Yay! What should I put down for the value of such a service? I'm super curious to see who will win it and what will you advise, so I hope one of my friends buys it. come to think of it, maybe I should buy it. What would you say about the photomural birch tree forest wall paper I just plastered in the new tv/teen hide out? If you were rendered speechless it would be entirely understandable.
      send me a message or just pass the info along to Livia, and Thank you!
      Kate McCarthy

  2. Kate! I love that wallpaper! I hope you put it on every wall!!! I sent Livia the info. Thanks. I doubt you need MY advice!

  3. I love those Blackamoors you scored last year! They are so fabulous. There has got to be another way to utilize them as lamps....maybe put them on a lucite base and run the wires through a metal pipe like we see so often. Please keep us posted on what you finally come up with for them.


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