Friday, April 17, 2009

Italian Settee

I am donating this settee to a local auction to benefit Volunteers in Medicine but I told the Chair that if she doesn't pick it up soon I'm keeping it. This bench was like Silkwood before I had it schelacked to seal in the chipping lead paint. I have such a crush on Groves Bros. fabric that I had some pillows made for it out of their Monferato in Pear. Simple cream linen and Samuel & Sons flat braid. Totally gorgy. I hope some rich childless woman buys it for lots of money.


  1. OMG!!! Such a pretty little thing! And me waaay down here with it waaaay up there! Dang the luck! You are right...some lucky rich gal will write a big fat check and carry it home in the back of her Range Rover! I will be grieving all the while!


  2. seriously - why are you giving this away? they would have to tear it out of my hands!!!! toooo cute!!


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