Thursday, January 7, 2010

Typical Day

First things first...this morning I totally outdid myself with this plan for the den in the Dallas townhouse. Walls in American Clay's Snow Canyon. Tibetan wool and silk rug by Neisha Crosland from The Rug Company. Killer Prussian blue mohair from Great Plains for the Kravet sleeper sofa. Hartmann & Forbes KottaWeave shade...

...then I supervised the removal of a Zhu-zhu pet from M's hair...

...and then I pottytrained... Jen style.

Typical. Day.


  1. you outdid yourself on all fronts!
    you kill me!

  2. My neice's zhu zhu pet got caught in her hair on Christmas day. It just kept running and tangling more. We had to finally cut her hair to get it out!

    She is adorable!


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