Saturday, March 27, 2010

February/March Recap

I have been a little busy these last few months.

I'm training for a marathon. I am up to 21 miles which requires running with a fanny pack to pack Gatorade and gummies full of electrolytes. I should be emaciated at this point but I'm not. Weird. Moral of the story. Running is overrated.

Went to Minneapolis...the land of frozen rain and tater tot casseroles.

Where my son threw a 5-year-old tantrum in a 5-Star hotel.

Which, thank god, included a 5-Star mini bar.

Witnessed my mom making snow angels... shearling and Louis Vuitton.

Dug in at the Science Museum.

Found 2 more Chinese reverse painted glass prints. For nearly nothing.

Mastered badminton with friends and formed our own team. Bad Kitten.

Had a Valentine's Day party.

Turned 39.

Went to Portland and celebrated at my hairdressers' pad.

Went to a dinner party at Space and Ouiji's house.

Easy Ouiji.

Played tooth fairy.

Drove by something beary random.

Fell in love and bought. This.

Went to a party at Buddha's house.

Got wild. Totally out of character.

Charles turned 6.

Rock climbed.

Had lunch at Marche. Alone. For no reason.

Made new rule. No more handcuffs in the shower.

Went to Sunriver. Kept the lodge in check...

...while dad taught the kids how to ski...

Met Joan...a vintage ski bunny.

Attempted to hijack a golf cart.

Scrubbed off stomach art named Bob.

Dad turned 42 with a burger cake.

Saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D.

Tried this. Hated it.

Had a baby shower for Jarrell. Baby Miro.

Made Banh Mis.

Drilled a coconut. For fun.

Went to a Duck basketball game...right before the AD Bellotti canned Kent and then quit.

Cocktailed at my client's house...and admired the best sconces that I have ever ordered.

Had a poker party in the locker room at the Country Club because there is an all boys card room why shouldn't we have the same?

Post game/post cocktails.

Made falafels.

Rearranged some furniture at home.

Replaced lacquer with pine. For spring.

Wrapped up this job. Befores and afters. Mister approves a little job for their other house. I predict he regrets this. Remember...this makeover started out as just a carpet change.

...and took up tennis.

Back to work. Gotta make some money.


  1. Yowza!!! That was a busy couple of months! How the heck do you do it all?!

  2. It's 65 and sunny in Minneapolis today and I am eating sushi. Just sayin.

  3. Some much fun and such a good way of spending the time!

  4. You could justifiably nap for April & May.

  5. I have to tell you that I am full of the envy. Massive envy. You seem to have a well of cool and happy. Perhaps you can let other people have some of that, sometime? Oh, wait, you do that through your blog. Thanks, Alan.

  6. Your posts always make me laugh! I was looking at the last photos of the home you just finished and was thinking yuck, then realized (duh) that it was the before photos!! I really do like the AFTER photos, good job!

  7. mmm banh mi

    can i be your friend?

  8. Jen- I always love reading your are too funny! That before and after of your finished project - AMAZING!!! And the Dallas project is looking fabulous too! Can't wait to see more & hope all is well! xo


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