Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sponsor a Decorator

So...Dallas is my first big long distance job. Honestly, I am incredibly surprised at how easy it has been. The truth is that I just stuck to my rule. Don't pretend that you don't know any more than you really know...except when you don't know something that makes you look like a complete idiot. Then? Stall. Just a little bit...while you Google.

Besides that...so far, Dallas is a success due to the help that I have had down there...

I have had all of the furniture sent to my receiver in Dallas...Delivery Limited. They send me pictures when the items arrive...

Julian Chichester's dining chairs.

Hickory Chair's Continental Chair in Rose Cumming's Metallic Bird.

Lee headboard covered in Hodosoll McKenzie's Ocean.

Tai Ping sends me pictures of the custom wool and silk rug in progress... Now, can't you see why these damn things cost SO much?

Justin Evans, my general contractor, sends me pictures of the progress in the townhouse.

Original vanity...

The inspiration...

The knock-off...

The den. New walls in American Clay tinted with Benjamin Moore's Mohegan Sage.

The original kitchen. Nice but a bit masculine...

We pick out Benjamin Moore's Kendall Gray for the cabinets plus three Calacatta slabs for the counters and backsplash.

New marble and painted cabinets...awaiting new appliances.

New lighting in cabinets...awaiting glass doors in German New Antique...

Fireplace in American Clay tinted with Benjamin Moore's Northampton Putty.

Niches awaiting Phillip Jeffries glass beaded wallcovering Rock Star in Glitter. New dark stain on existing wood floors.

New wrought iron banister. Glad my client agreed. I had that little sexy curve added at the end. Pretty.

Outdoor furniture arrives...

This must be what it is like to sponsor a child. Write a lot of checks. Get a couple of pictures.


  1. headboard = perfection. love it.

  2. Looks like the design a thon is a deal! The big D looks great!

  3. Just found you via Cote de Texas... can't wait for the final reveal! Looks like we'd all be in for a treat!

  4. I love the American Clay, who did this applicaton and where can I buy it?

  5. Justin Evans applied the American Clay throughout the entire townhouse. Email me and I'll give you his contact info! He is awesome!

  6. So, Ms. kick ass marathoner in the land of Pre, running is overrated? I'm just happy you're as funny as you are talented.

  7. WOWZAS! You are majorly kicking it into full gear. The kitchen reminds me of Kelly G's (http://www.kellyg-design.com/spaces5.htm) I just know it's going to be the beez kneez!

  8. Wow...so much loveliness...The stairs and the counters are my faves!! :)))

    Jen Ramos

  9. I cant believe you are doing this long distance! looks awesome so far! BTW, LOVE your house!

  10. i love what you did to the kitchen!! so pretty!


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