Monday, June 7, 2010

Mo' Money

I have a client with a gorgeous living room. It is missing just one thing, though. The perfect coffee table. More specifically, an Indian inlaid coffee table. Well, easier said than done. We both looked around the webisphere a bit but couldn't find the perfect one. That night my client did a few quick searches and found Mo.

Mo makes bone and mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture.
Say no more. Mo.

We'll take two of these... of these... of these...

...and a couple of these...

A bit risky but we wired money to Mo anyway.
I'm just hoping that we don't get taken to the cleaners.


  1. Yo Mo, you are the Go!! ah that sucked, but it rhymed. Mo rules. Fingers crossed he isn't a greedy indian man LOL.

  2. He seems like a very nice man. I think it should be interesting!

  3. you must tell us how it goes. in love with it all!

  4. I NEEEEEED that coffee table. NEED it. It'd be even awesomer in grey (check Sang and Serena, though I don't think they have any coffee tables). Let us know how it goes! And good luck!

  5. Lauren! I'll let you know. I have to thank my client for tracking Mo down! I think he makes them in gray, too!!!

  6. Fingers & Mo's crossed that your clients treasures arrive as promised. They all are gorgeous. I was thrilled to find your blog. I LOVE Eugene and your blog looks terrific.

    Have a fabulous Sunday ~ Deb

  7. Can you post Mo's web address? I would love to see all that he offers...Thanks so much!!

  8. Mo doesn't have a website! If you email me I can give you his email address!


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