Monday, June 28, 2010

Red Lodge Cliff Dodge

Well, we are headed to Red Lodge again.
Maybe we'll buy this darling gem on the market.

This little cottage is the perfect little getaway.
Overlooking the Beartooth Mountains.

Scenic views of the valley below.

Cozy stone fireplace.

Rustic dining room for four.

Cuddly curtain pelts.

The non-living room.

The kiddy loft.

Can you smell the smores?

What??? (sound of screeching tires)

Not a place for kids. Or drinkers. Counts us out.


  1. From Gregg the Owner: you can still drink up here! We have established the Chardonnay line for after dusk safety... Most of the time we live in a reinvented 1904 Hi Bug at 311 Word in Red Lodge but if you'd like to see the Sentinal Cabins view in person, we'll be up there on July 3 mid morning. Drop me a line at for directions.

  2. If I could afford it, I'd buy this place in a heartbeat. Likely, it's the most spectacular setting in Montana -- so great that we take our of town friends up there just to watch them marvel.

  3. Looks like the perfect spot for a murder mystery.

  4. It sounds like Gregg might take me up there on Saturday! Cannot wait!

  5. If you buy it, can we come for a visit? I promise we won't over stay our welcome!



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