Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indie Goods

Well, the results from the India experiement are in. I could not be more happy with the craftsmanship. The inlay is really beautiful and the furniture well-made.

We did learn a few lessons, though. Lesson number one. India does not understand packaging quite like China does...

Everything came in damaged and had be restored with clamps and glue.

Lesson number two. In India, 'dark brown' might mean 'orange'.

So, I had a toner put on these benches.

Other than that...we're good.



    That inlaid coffee table is TO DIE FOR. No, seriously. That is really, really fine. Great choice.

  2. I have been so jealous over the stools you found a couple of months ago and can't wait to see them covered in the leopard you picked out! Are they almost ready for the final reveal?

  3. Great looking pieces, Jen.
    Love the after with a little visit to the salon, a dab of toner and they are looking great!
    Really nice looking inlaid.

  4. Any chance you can provide the source in India? Thanks in advance.

  5. Ghandi had a wonderful saying about the customer and how the customer was always right. Love your finds and miss popping over here...
    The smell of curry brought me here.

  6. Hi! Here is the info for the Indian furniture. Great craftsmanship. They need some packaging help. FYI!

    Gilded French stools? Working on it!!! Can't decide between classic silk leopard velvet or edgy silk ikat! Ahh! Choices!

  7. Hi, can you pls let us know the source it was ordered though, this looks jut beautiful...

  8. Thankyou so much for the response, I'm seriously interested in purchasing something similar. How much do these cost in general just so I have an idea about the price rang and whether it fits in my budget at all. For example that coffee table and the chest of drawers, if you could mention the price that'll be great. Also the items I see on sale on your blog, do u ship these to Canada (London Ontario, postal code N6H 5P5).
    Many Thanks!


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