Sunday, October 3, 2010


(1920-2010) Mrs. Quan Yin, 90, died October 2nd at my home.

She had been married to Mr. Quan Yin for 90 years. She never had any children and excelled at nothing except occasionally lighting up a room when she was turned on. Often mistaken for an albino, Mrs. Yin was a simple blanc de chine gal from China. She is survived only by her husband, Mr. Quan Yin.

Her death occurred under suspicious circumstances and the case remains under investigation. It is known that there are a handful of persons of interest.

Mr. Quan Yin has been questioned but he isn't talking.

There was also a pair of Venetian Blackamoors in the same room at the time of the accident.

They swear they were just doing their job and protecting the bar.

These knicker wearing boys, though, have been known to dip into the sauce while on the job so their testimony might not hold up.

In lieu of flowers, please leave your favorite lamp on my doorstep.


  1. I just couldn't help myself but laugh at your commentary. I would be crushed though -- those lamps are gorgeous. Please see this link -- my grandmother brought these lamps back from china with her over 50 yrs ago and they are my most favorite thing. can you repair Mrs. Yin?

  2. heartbreaking. i hope she can be fixed.

  3. Jen;
    Would it be possible to fix I have seen Jen-Weld
    at the local hardware store.

    Heartbreaking story; I do hope you can put her back together again!

    In rebuttle to your publication,
    you do have to watch those guarding the spirits.
    I have a pair of foo dogs that like to lap the sauce as well, funny how the scotch seems to disappear?

    Best of luck, and oh yes I am sending you a horseshoe spray of fleurs!


  4. HAhahahahahah lmao, emergency surgery don't give up on her!

  5. In case you can't fix her check these out on etsy...

    so sorry for your loss :) Amy

  6. We too use Jen-weld on everything!Put Mrs. Quan Yin back together again. Nice post.

  7. She had Jen-weld on. Twice. It's over. She's dead and buried. Not to mention...there is no shortage of lamps in the house. I've been on a binge.


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