Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hot Blog Love

Last night we had our second Blog Love meeting. It was 106 degrees out and I don't have air conditioning. My brick tudor was as hot as a pizza oven. The cocktails helped to take the edge off...barely. My Mr. bought us a mister from the local hardware store for the evening. Which helped. It was beyond entertaining. I admit...we chatted less about blogging than we could have... Next time we'll make Lisa bring her outline and she can reel us in. Here is a shot of the shiny sweaty and sticky founders of our small club (Liesel is not pictured...she was refilling cocktails).

Jen West of Jentrified. A knockout with a quick wit...okay. Enough.

Lisa Bruckner of Wasabi Nights. Lisa is a friend and consultant for Trunk Club. She is a virtual personal shopper for men around the globe who want to look their best. She takes the pressure off girlfriends or wives who want to bag their man's pleated pants and drop them off at Goodwill but don't know how... Lisa is the other woman. In a good way.

Mindy Lockard of Manner of the Month. Mindy is a smart and very artisitic friend of mine who has a successful business as an etiquette consultant. She does everything from teaching table manners to young children to consulting for large corporations. Don't be intimidated...everyone can use a tip or two. Ga dink a dink.

Liesel Brooks of Family Relish. Liesel is a friend and mother of four who knows the importance of spending time with food. I mean spending time with family and food. Her blog is in the final stages of development. Supporting local farmers, creating kitchen memories with your family and stalking celebrity chefs on Facebook are just a few of the things that she has to offer...


  1. Look at what a bevy of beautiful bloggers!

  2. Why thank you for your kind words! Hot Blog Love part two was super. Yes, please, Lisa on the agenda! Thank you Mr. for the mister & Jen for sharing your lovely yard and late night pizza from the pizza oven. Liesel, get the blog up and cooking already! Click, click, click, click!

  3. I think my invite was lost in the mail....

  4. are welcome any time. Call me first so I can hide my lamps ;-)


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