Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our Just Okay Trip to Red Lodge, Montana

So...for the Fourth of July we headed to Red Lodge, MT. It is an historic town at the mouth of Yellowstone Park via the Beartooth Highway. My family has been going there forever.

There were a lot of guns...and even a little ikat.

Charles spent an hour shooting the belly of this old plane at the Denver airport with his nerf gun.

The town is nestled in this little valley. It is so gorgeous.

The mainstreet in Red Lodge. Population 2500. No street lights. LOTS of bars.
Which are full of the usual suspects plus a smattering of kids and dogs. Really.

Montana Candy Emporium. What a classic.

Maybe the only gun, holster, and salt water sandal combo in Red Lodge.

Watching the parade on Broadway.

You have got to love a parade that celebrates beer like this.

Bud Lite.

My stepmother's stepmother's brother (Kevin Sloan Studios/Dallas) sketched the parade.

There is even some good shopping in ol' Red Lodge. I loved these Old Hickory Tannery chairs in cowhide.

This chair was on hold for Joan. Buy it Joan. It's cute.

Yes. Even here. At the base of the Beartooth Mountains. Ikat chairs by Lee Industries. With really lovely purple ultrasuede throw pillows. Joke. Bad pillows.

The rodeo. This is the real deal, folks.

No. My dad is not holding a half case of beer...

It is a custom carrying case for vodka tonics. Montana style.

My dad's friend Pat Morris (Offensive Line Coach for the Minnesota Vikings) and his adorable wife Kathy stopped by for a bit. They say he's a big deal. More like a big teddy bear.

More guns. Plus, Kevin sketching the rodeo...

The local Episcopalian church. I want it. Badly.

The Yellowstone bus cruising through town.

More guns. Big NRA presence.

My family likes to eat. In a big way. Smoking the pig...

Imported crawfish from New Orleans.

...for the crawfish boil. In Red Lodge. Of course.

Small PETA presence.

Another Ham. Plus some smores roasters with smoke goggles.

Illegal fireworks headquarters in the neighbor's garage.

Illegal fireworks display that rivaled the big show downtown.

Sherriff. End of the illegal fireworks display.

Hangover cure. Huevos Rancheros at the Regis.

Bike riding in Red Lodge. These poppies were everywhere. Gorgeous.

Here is my advice to you. If you ever go to Red Lodge. When you come home...please tell people that it was just okay. We don't want to ruin it.


  1. Looks great. The custom gin & tonic case - hysterical & smart! Going to tell my husband about that.

  2. Once again you had me rolling on your descriptions and details..not a rodeo lover but with a gin & tonic or boubon ginger maybe I could learn to like it!

    Thanks for your incredible wit!


  3. Jen - Hooray for your "just okay" advice concerning Red Lodge. We permanent residents also want to keep it "as is."
    - Dave "Running on MT" in Red Lodge

  4. Brings back so many great memories. We must get a group sans children and descend on Red Lodge. I'm sure there's a moose on the side of the road that misses me. Plus, those white elms by the river are still my "happy place" so I have to go back... and have a dinner party in the middle of them. Kids can come in 3 more years.

  5. I just found your blog after googling Phillip Jeffries grass cloth. Crazy!!! I just too my family of seven to Red Lodge , MT for the fourth of July! Rodeo and parade. My brother and his family have a house there and in Billings . The candy emporium was a huge hit with my 5 kids. I am a new follower :)


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