Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ouiji and Space

Sometimes clients become friends and sometimes friends become clients. These guys are our oldest friends in town...who then became clients. They are kind of the Royal Tenenbaums.

She is the one I call Ouiji. The only Reiki master I have ever met who carries a Chloe bag. He is really smart but we call him Space. The only straight guy I know who isn't afraid of a little hardware on his shoes.

Ouiji is on the left and Space is on the right. He is sitting next to my other friend turned client at my other friend's house...turned client. It's expensive to be my friend.

Fabulous Saarinen Womb Chairs, Toto Cube Lamp (used as a table) and a Kartell Bourgie lamp.

So...back to Ouiji and Space's house. Vintage velvet sofa. Pillows by Groves Bros. Big mean crow painting by Gaylen Hansen.

Floral cowhide rug from The Rug Company.

Yummy new bathroom.

Gorgeous mid-century chandelier from 1stdibs Paris that was impossible to get (and beyond expensive to ship). The French lady that I dealt with worked NEVER. What's up with France? Lucky or lazy? My theory after that experience is that they don't change their interiors over there for hundreds of years because they can't. Nobody works.

Gorgeous new entryway with bling. Deco pendants from 1stdibs. Not Paris. Never shopping Paris again. They are all drunk.

Space makes good vinaigrettes...and vignettes. One of a pair of Tommi Parzinger lamps for Stiffel. They were too big for my house so they now live here.

Buffalo hoof lamp. Or hoove? Buffalo's foot lamp.

For Christ's sake...

Art by Johnny Friedlander.

More Johnny Friedlander. Han dog.

Anglo Indian inlaid chair.

Sculptures by Jonathan Tate.

Ouiji and Space. You guys are a little bit out there. Love that.


  1. Since I have befriended you, does that mean I fall on the client list...I love oddities of life in interiors.
    Space and Ouiji are so lucky to count you as a friend of the heart. Stunning work, I want to move right in.

  2. I think that you have a little Rat Terrier in the first photo! We have a 17 year old named Hershey! She is the best, most loving dog ever.
    Your blog is beautiful, I really love it.
    Thanks, LauraBeth99


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