Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Gravy Brain

A client of mine took out some whopping school loans to go to med school.

Years later, he has become one of this country's leading surgeons...with some of the most open-minded patients.

...which has allowed his wife to hire me to help decorate their home...

Altar table by Dotson's Antiques in Coburg, vintage Chinese screen from a local thrift store, Greek Key stools by Madeline Stuart covered in Larsen's Soiree Velvet and vintage chartreuse and turquoise Chinese lamps...from moi. I hated to let those go... fortunately, cocktails clank in that room often...allowing me to reconnect with my old friends.


  1. I feel better what you did, those lamps, that table-
    all so pretty!

  2. I knew I recognized those ottomans! I worked for Madeline Stuart for a brief time while going to design school in LA. . . What an amazing table! This looks great!

  3. I just finished living in China for three years and I kick myself daily for not buying that alter table I saw. Good thing I live in Thailand now...I plan on grabbing the first one I see here!


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