Sunday, May 9, 2010

Animal House

I attended three soccer games yesterday and then scrambled around getting the house ready for a big birthday sleepover with six 9 year old girls and cocktails for their mommies. I turn my back for one minute and somebody...

...peed on my Brunschwig & Fils sofa.

Forgive me for yelling the f-word in front of my 6 year old but...

I had been plotting for months and had nearly convinced my husband that we were passed the stage of having to worry about any sort of human excrement on our furniture. I could almost smell the spots on Claremont's Cambridge Guepard Noir.

I had been coveting this ever since seeing it in Elle Decor's spread on Aerin Lauder's Hampton's house.

Well, that's a wet dream now.

So, I threw the cushion in the washer and jetted outside to find my labradoodle chasing three lost deer across the yard.

I went back in the house and ran downstairs to put up some decorations for the party and found that somebody...

...had made a fort out of Peter Dunham's cushions, my cracked ice chairs and ikat pillows.


What the hell. Let them eat cake. Labradoodle skirt and all.


  1. Never a dull moment! And you still have time to play Words for Free non-stop!

  2. Oooohhh...
    I can so relate girl!

    We are still in the handme down; old furniture phase in our little family room. Too many boys, pets and the (overnighter)pee pee contest!

    One day your dreams will come true! Until then I understand completely!


  3. Makes me think twice about attempting to toilet train my kid... I did find her rubbing a bar of soap into my velvet couch today...

    Maybe we should all get some of those plastic seat covers our grandmothers had.

  4. Not nearly half as bad as the time that my son poked a hole in a family heirloom 17th century oil painting. We since had it restored, broken tooth, tooth fairy visits, braces, night guard, and all is well. Kids keep us human.


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