Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dallas Install

Six months ago I flew to Dallas for 2 days to redo this
townhouse for a client. I took some pictures and
measurements, shopped a bit and flew home.

For six months I have been ordering things for it.
Justin Evans was the American Clay installer and my
general contractor. Justin and the iphone made it
possible to do it from Oregon. Well...and my
seamstress...and Chase Visa.

So, by mid-may almost everything had arrived at the
warehouse so I flew down to install.

Abdul picked me up.

We headed straight to Stephanie Anne.

Loved these alabaster lamps but we had
no place for them. Sad.

We bought lots of Match accessories and
table linens by Le Jacquard Francais.
Two of my favorite lines.

That was all that we had time for so we headed
to La Duni and ordered margaritas and flautas.
Really, really good.

We then headed back to the ranch for some sleep.
The next morning deliveries were scheduled early and were to last all day.
We got to the townhouse and started preparing...

Does this broom make my butt look big?

I unwrapped some Steuben glassware.

I made a tower out of the boxes.
Just for fun...and it was.

Okay...we all have occasional problems with scale.
My client ordered this for mouthwash.
We cracked up when we opened it.
Uh...can you just see this filled with a gallon of blue stuff?

Then things started to arrive. The first was this
Dabney chair by Hickory Chair that I had covered in
Bergamo's Yasmina. It is the prettiest chair in the whole
entire design world. I want. Eight.

I made Eddie sit in it.
His cheeks turned the same color as the chair.
Super cute.

Custom silk and wool rug from Tai Ping went down.

Vintage Italian parsons table from Ceylon et Cie
showed up. SO GORGEOUS!!!

These vintage inlaid Syrian panels made into tables make a coffee table.

Alabaster lamp by Vaughn on mirrored table.

This sofa from Cameron is possibly the most
comfortable thing that I have ever sat in. Truly.

Living room coming together... The wall on

the right will get a big Holly Hunt wall
unit which has not arrived, yet.

The painting from Gallerie Zuger
in Dallas is pefection.

We picked up these cute little vintage stools to tuck
under the stairs from Mecox. I love Mecox.
Plus, those guys are sooo handsome!!!

We even redid the fireplace and put in
some new river rocks.

Dining chairs by Julian Chichester covered in PLEATHER.

Lumbar pillows in fabric by Groundworks on
custom banquette by Cameron covered in silk
mohair from Holly Hunt's Great Plains.

Justin hung this giant old mirror from Mecox
after I left. It looks great.The Italian chandelier
won't be assembled until every contractor has left
the building because there are no replacement
parts for a 1950s vintage Venini.

Okay. Full disclosure. I think I did a pretty good job
considering I was doing this from Oregon...but here is
Mistake Numero Uno. I called Justin to give him the
chandelier placement before I arrived.
Apparently I was off. Way off.
Measuring. Not my strength.

Gorgeous vintage Paul McCobb secretaire.
Very pretty.

Entryway got a shagreen mirror by Made Goods,
vintage table and mirrored bench all from Mecox.
Crystal lamp from Circa Lighting.
The bench needs a yard of silk ikat, though. Badly.

Glass and sharkskin. Yum.

We tinted the clay on the walls in the powder room.
Custom vanity with Calcatta marble made by Hector!!!

The fixtures by Barbara Barry for Kallista are
really, really pretty. Jewelry. The bone box from
Ceylon et Cie is perfect in there, too.

Bathroom sconce. Not up, yet.

The kitchen cabinets were painted
Kendall Gray by Benjamin Moore.
Slab Calcatta marble on the counters
and backsplash. Slab is fab.

The old glass was replaced with German
new antique glass. I love this stuff.

New Sub Zero. Of course.

Cool alabaster sconce by Ylighting in the stair well.

OMG. This armoire took five guys to move upstairs.
They literally inched it up the stairs. I couldn't even watch.

Master bedroom coming together.
Mirrored vanity and stool by Julien Chichester.
Tuxedo armoire by Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair.

Stool covered in Nancy Corzine's cut velvet.

Bed and side tables by Julian Chichester.
Christopher Spitzmiller lamps.
Chinchilla throw by Adrianne Landau.
Bench from Mecox recovered in
an ikat by Hodsoll McKenzie.

The olive glaze on these lamps are
sooooo beautiful. I want them.

Monogrammed shams by Leontine Linens.
They are the absolute best.

Master bath really just needed some spunk so
we put up this wall of glass tiles by Ann Sacks.

The guest room...Mistake Numero Dos.
I forgot to add grommets on these shades.

They were supposed to look like this one.
Ordering 21 shades with about 20 different
variables for each was no fun.
I almost saw this mistake coming.

Awesome headboard covered in Ocean by
Hodsoll McKenzie and lamps by
Hwang Bishop were dynamite, though.

Mirror from Mecox and the Murano
chest from Hickory Chair.

The den upstairs. We tinted the clay on the walls the
same dark as the powder. We threw down this silk and
wool rug by Neisha Crosland for The Rug Company.
A sleeper sofa by Kravet is coming...
which will be covered in Turkish blue silk mohair.
Of course.

The shades by Hartmann & Forbes are sooo beautiful.
Motorized, too.

These leather and canvas shelves that we bought at Mecox will house the tv.

This is sooo pretty. A little nook in the den for a desk
and chair from Hickory Chair, lamp from Vaughn and
commissioned painting by Allen Cox. I love.

I reserved one day for installation and one day for
shopping. No trip to Dallas is complete without a trip to
Mecox Gardens and Ceylon et Cie...Michelle
Nussbaumer's store. It is now official.
I have a big girl crush on her. She was fabulous.

We have a little bit in common. My hoarding...

...and hers... Look at these gorgeous yellow silk slipper chairs.


Dug the rosiness of all of this.

Suzanis and red lacquer.

Great blue and white display. LOVED IT.

This was pretty and sweet. Love that olive green.
She needs my clients' Spitzmillers in there.

Opium den.

Get inlaid here.

More blue and white.

LOVED this olive and cinnabar together.

Suzanis. They are still around my friends.
I still dig them, too.

Okay...see this yummy punched tin vessel?
Michelle put them around a client's
pool for the kids to throw their floaties and pool toys in.
At $3,000 each I was thinking side table but
you've gotta love a client like that.

Old Louis chairs with vintage suzanis. I liked.

Died over these vintage bone pagodas.

These are very, very pretty in person.

We then hit The Mews 1 & 2.
Saw these ostriches there. Super random.

We hit Mecox Gardens again. Of course.
Bought some more stuff. Of course.
They make it very easy there. Last time
we visited they drove us to lunch.
I'm sorry that I didn't take pictures here
but I had lapsed into a retail coma.

We walked into Restoration Hardware
and the girls at the counter asked me if they could
help us. I asked them if they had
shopping carts. They laughed. I didn't.

WHILE at Restoration Hardware I
commented to my client how quiet my phone had
been for the last 24 hours. I thought...
leaving my husband at home with 3 kids and
a sitter is great. I must do this again sometime soon.
Palm Springs...Seattle...
Literally, 30 seconds later my phone dinged.
Message from husband:



We headed to dinner at Abacus. Fabulous.

Well, that was all that I had time for...
I jumped on a plane the next day.
Headed home.

Here I am with all of the essentials in the
Denver airport. Les fromages, une glasse
de Sauvignon Blanc et la iphone.

I dowloaded Auntie Mame for the flight home.
One of my gay friends told me that was very gay of me.
What a compliment.

He also asked me to find him a rich cowboy.
I found a cowboy...who may be rich...
but definitely was not gay.

My flight attendant, though, was definitely...

...rich. Seriously, his name was Rich.

I picked up a ballerina for my little girl. I named her Evelyn.

I told the pilot she was with me...

...not to mention too young for him.

Well...that was it. Back to the real world.
It was time to come home. I wish I could have
seen the project TOTALLY finished but
I'm already planning a trip back there.
Maybe July? Shhh...don't tell my husband.


  1. Auntie mame -totally gay and TOTALLY fabulous. Love that movie!
    The house really looks wonderful -such great items that were chosen. I can't wait to see the final product. I hope you share it with us here!

  2. OMG! I've been waiting for pictures of this installation. I think I'm as jealous of your getting to *do* this job as I am over the client who has the budget for it! It's all so beautiful. You seriously rawked it out!

  3. Love the post but why didn't you buy those LJF linens from me?

  4. although i loved it all i especially dug the husband text!
    Great looking stuff. you did a fabulous job considering you were 1/2 the country away. 2 little very minor issues--just drink them away.

  5. What's with the shark skin? Amazing stuff.
    The grey cabinets in the kitchen are unexpected and perfect! Who'd of thought? I guess you did. Nice. You have to go back again when it's done. It's like sex without climax if you don't, right?
    I'd go to Abacus again if I were you.

  6. cool ruler. nice work.......!

  7. Wow, just stumbled on this blog post, and so glad I did. What a beautimus house!!!! I'm officially in love with German New Antique Glass...you are super talented!

  8. Jen --- I'm a Dallas girl living in New York (not the city, the burbs) and this post was like a tall drink of water. I feel like I've just "been home". Love La Duni, Abacus, Stephanie Anne (my sons' crib was from here back when she had her 1st store on Lovers Lane), Mecox and love Leontine (though obviously not in Dallas). But, I must confess...I've never seen Auntie Mame! Thanks for the tour of my hometown!!

  9. Nice Jen! Eugene gal here. looks like an incredible trip, but even more incredible finds! Come see us at Bradley and Englert, fine antiques and interiors. Love to be an extra pair of eyes out for those unfindeables! Keep up the beautiful work.
    *Anita Martinez*


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