Monday, May 31, 2010

Things In My Drawers & On My Floors

"More is more. Less is never more - less is obviously less.
Who wants less??"

-Michelle Nussbaumber in Elle Decor/November 2009

Not me. That's for sure.

I like stuff. I like a lot of stuff. I have a very bad habit of buying things but not displaying them. I have a bigger stash in my house than Nancy Botwin.

My house was looking a little staid. It needed a little injection.
A pick me up, if you will.

So, I shopped. At home.


Vintage Sergio Gonzales Tornero etching and aquatint.
Vintage Chinese rice fields oil.

Framed vintage coral sea fan.

Blance de chine lamp, pair of vintage Chinese coral lamps,
apothecary with poppies and vintage mounted sea coral.

Twelve faux bamboo framed vintage rice paper drawings on a
Paul McCobb stool for Calvin.

Vintage 'dark' oil and vintage framed butterfly collection.

Pool bag and girl scout cookies. Circa 2009.

Hallway...painted Chinese leather trunk.
Pair of Chinese temple jars.

Midcentury lamps.

Bob the Builder.


Vintage Italian capiz sconce shades, cloisonne ashtray, Italian trays and coasters.

Drawing by my (then) 6 year old daughter (agent...anywhere?).
Indian peacock tray.

Vintage apothecary jar, milk glass coral sculpture, vintage ivory collection,
Persian metal box, glass flower frog.

20th century tortoise tea caddy, mid-century jacks bookends,
Chinese bamboo brush and a Chinoisere tole tray.

19th Century Chinese vase, Anglo Indian Ivory
and Tortoise Vizagapatam Box.

These guys were the first to come out of the closet.
They went up in the breakfast nook.

This vintage butterfly collection went up next.

There. Much better. For now.


  1. How about I pour the drinks and come shopping! Clearly you need to part with a few things...right??

    as always I enjoy your posts!

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  3. Really cute post, Jen. I am not a maximalist, but not exactly a minimalist either.........but it looks like all of the shoved away detritus that you have is really good detritus!

  4. If you should awaken one night to the sounds of a short, curly-haired, soccer mom tip-toeing around your home, fear not. I am perfectly harmless. You have amazing stuff. I'm stunned. I am also thrilled to have come across your blog today. You are hilarious, hugely talented, and serve up a mean plate of eye candy. I plan to read all the way to the beginning. Seriously.


  5. Neyla, not sure about that but...the truth is that I think i just need a store but who has the time??? LOOK WHO'S TALKING? LOVE YOUR BASEMENT!


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