Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Chelsea Textiles

I fell in love with Chelsea Textiles' fabrics when we moved into our current home. I saved up my money to buy 12 yards of Wisteria in Seafoam. Bad name. Good color.

I had curtains made for our bedroom using just a simple Brisby pleat at the top. I put Hartmann & Forbes grass shades behind them and was done. I have never ever tired of them...which is saying a lot for me. When you go classic and buy the best you can't go wrong.

Well, Chelsea gets around. Another client of mine just built this gorgeous entryway with walnut cupboards and honed carrera tops. We picked out this Chelsea fabric (Roya) from their Ottoman inspired collection by Alidad. It cost a small fortune. Seriously, you could feed a family of nine for a week on what this cost. Actually, it probably took a family of nine a week to embroider it.

The repeat was a bit unclear on the sample so my genius seamstress and I ended up piecing the fabric together to create something truly unique.

It was quite a pain in the butt. That was what it was all about, though, wasn't it? BUTTS.


  1. Gorgeous!! Great fabric, great work.

    I'm SO loving your blog. Okay if I do a post about you and your work?


  2. k, Remember when I asked for your permission to post about you, like 5 minutes ago? I got impatient.

    so sorry. I couldn't help myself.

  3. I love C.E. or C.T. I did a whole bedroom around them once. it really turned out beautiful. is the alidad more expensive than their usual embroidery material? just wondering. I haven't priced it yet. love your work - that entry hall piece!!!

  4. where did you find your bedding?

  5. Bedding is custom by Matouk from French Quarter Linens in Portland. I have ordered A LOT for clients and myself and am very happy with their product.


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