Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Since my husband has been busy busy busy with the opening of his new restaurant I thought I would pack up the kids and head over to my client's new river house for the night.

Had a great burger here. Lots of suspenders and gun racks. We fit right in with our hybrid and Prada.

We headed over to a funky little antique store. What the hell do you do with these?

We bought this chair for my client's bedroom. It was a steal at $100. Won't be when I'm done with it.

Notice the charcoal and bbq (and yoga mat). We couldn't figure out the million dollar gas grill so we had to buy a Hibachi at the general store. We grilled ribs Fed Ex'd from Niman Ranch. City dorks. If I had known mobile slaughter was an option the menu would have been different.

Grilled naughty 5 year old. Meaty, too.

A few fabulous things can really make a room. A big room. This vintage sofa recovered in a Henry Calvin wool/silk/linen damask came from my storage unit. It is awaiting pillows in Robert Kime's Indian Pear. The KILLER Brazilian cowhide rug stitched with a floral pattern came from The Rug Company. My client is trying to weasel out a giant abstract painting from her dad's house for that big wall. Vintage French deco chairs came from 1stdibs and we had them upholstered in a burnt orange mohair. Donner and Blitzen came from the North Pole. Duh.


  1. what I really think is that you're hilarious. Also, that chair stuffed into the back of your car is fabulous and a steal. Please show it after you finish with it.

  2. my word, that chair woman.
    you are a gal after my own bargain heart.

  3. bucks bits = possible knobs and pulls? You know, for that 'rustic' look.

  4. Yumm, pass the mobile slaughter! I want to see that chair when you are finished with it...even if I have to sneak into your client's bedroom. Is that rude?

  5. Dear Mrs. Buck Bits. I love the new look of the site. It's truly Jentrified! Keep up the great work; Mrs. Smart Assery meets Mrs. Style Tastemaker.

  6. Must find my way to that river shack...


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