Friday, May 22, 2009

What is James Wearing?

Have you seen James' blog?

I wish he was my neighbor and 5 o'clock visitor.

Does he wet his designer velvet pants when doing these shoots or what? I'm dying.

Rock the sheer tunic.

He brings back memories of summers in Montana.


  1. You beat me to the post on James.
    I am working on getting the illustration of him just right, the stance, the leg, the shirt button, showing just the right amount of chest.
    I wish he was my neighbor for a bit of fashion advice - I would say,
    "James, does this look alright?" and James would reply, "You look ravishing" -- I met him in NY and he was delightful!

  2. LOVING James. How fab. Don't get the Montana comment having grown up in the mid-west. Do people dress like this in Montana? I need to go.

  3. there are no words.

  4. James is the best!! He is a one of my dearest 'long distant' friends. We always have sooo much fun together! If you are ever in New York you must meet for drinks!!

  5. Just found your blog via So Haute - i'm loving your style! Can't wait to read more. Looking for a pine cabinet just like the one in your dining room - any ideas where to look? Thanks! Francoise

  6. Drinks in NY with James? I'm there. I met the most amazing guy last night. He reminded me of James. Post to come soon, hopefully. You can't believe he exists in Eugene. OMG. James should come here.

  7. You find all the best things! I say drinks with James in NYC is worth the trip alone. Maybe you can visit with your boyfriend Nick Olsen when you're there.


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