Thursday, May 14, 2009

Robert Kime

Robert Kime is one of my top three favorite fabric houses. For good reason. I think I've got my clients hooked on him, too. At least for pillows...

One client just ordered Indian Pear for her river house.

Another Ardagh for her Knole sofa...

They should really think about raising their prices...

I wonder if John Rosselli remembers the first day I ordered Robert Kime. I was so excited. I placed the call to THE John Rosselli. I had really arrived. Home business thriving. Buying the BEST NY has to offer. My kids were quietly playing upstairs as I rang NY. In the middle of my call they loudly bounded downstairs. Charles was naked with his underwear on his head and Estelle was performing pirouettes while singing at the top of her lungs. I had to finish the call hiding in the closet. Shame.

These chairs (pair) were the fruits of my to speak.


  1. I LOVE that second fabric! That would make beautiful drapes...hmmmmm

    Oh, I added myself as a follower(stalker)to your site - my first ever:-)

  2. Ack! I am seriously coveting that chair. Love all the wonderfully bohemian/old money socialite.

  3. Such pretty fabrics... glad you got the call done, evein if it was in the closet :)

  4. question - do your clients live in Eugene? i am from there and don't think i ever met anyone who was into design - at least so much so that they would be upholstering with robert kime. lol! have things changed or what???

  5. Well, I wouldn't say there is a line out my door. My look consists of really great fabrics that are heirloom quality and unique pieces. People that hire me usually get that. I wouldn't say I'm for everybody. I think there are lots of different designers out there who make lots of clients happy in different ways. You know? I'm guessing I sell more Robert Kime in Eugene than anybody else but who knows!


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