Sunday, August 2, 2009


This is a recently completed bedroom for a client. The client that gave me the frogs. The frog that was told to sit on the dollhouse sofa and not move while Estelle and her friend went DOWNSTAIRS. Well, the frog is missing... I digress.

This really full of my favorite things. Rose Tarlow curtains, Phillip Jeffries grasscloth, Mitchell Gold end tables, Lee Industries headboard covered in a Groves Bros. fabric, lamps from the Pearl district in Portland, bedding by Matouk and the benches. The benches! OMG. I took my client shopping in Portland to Asia America. Five floors of antiques. I turned the corner and there. They. Were. Anglo Indian inlaid bone benches. My reaction was to turn her in the opposite direction. To fake a bathroom emergency. Pretend to have low blood sugar in need of food. Now. Anything. These were the benches I had imagined would be in MY house. They were the benches of my dreams. Instead, I took the high road and did what every good designer should do. I told her if you don't buy them I will. She did. And they launched this room. Which I think turned out beautifully. I just ask that they be willed to me. That's fair, right?


  1. Oh, poor frog, come home along with those tables.

  2. OMG Jen...fabulous!! Love the texture of the wall covering and also your choice of fabrics. Beautiful job!

  3. Jen, I am dying over the benches. Unreal.


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