Monday, August 31, 2009


Don't ever say that I don't do my part in fueling the economy. Don't say it. 'Cause it ain't true. Just ask big wallet honcho guy. Today's progress consists of...

On the old Chinese lunch box. Actually, I don't know what the hell it is but it looks like ancient Tupperware with cool dragon hardware. This will now live between the Widdicomb chairs at the house of Silkwood. I just wish that it was insulated...then you would only have to reach down and pull out a cold one from your camouflaged Chinese woven fridge while barely moving your tush. Ancient Chinese secret, huh?

...and on the right is a Thebes stool. Egyptian Revival meets Arts and Crafts. Madeline Stuart made it lipstick sexy here...

...we might lacquer it like she did. If we do, though, this recliner is going to have a hard time keeping its Jack in the Box...if you know what I mean.

Last but not least...just as big wallet honcho guy rolled back into town...anticipating some sort of surface to put up his big tired wallet honcho feet on. We. Find. This.

A random bit of mid-century-ness. A bamboo bit of loveliness. Modern but classic. Loving. It. $250. Not to mention that it looks a lot better than I would look in the form of a coffee table. Whew.

Not that I wouldn't make a really beautiful coffee table. I just wouldn't cost $250...and I snore.


  1. You are one smart cookie! Love all your finds.

  2. Wow, great finds. That coffee table is spectacular.

  3. Jen - I count on your blog for my daily laugh. Can I tell you that I am sad on the days you don't post? I didn't get the witty gene, but I LOVE that you did! Your big sista, K

  4. those finds are awesome. love that big block of wood table.


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