Monday, August 3, 2009

Vern's Jewel

Cornelius Carter is in town so our friend Vern entertained at his house with Dogs on the Deck last night. Vern has been collecting since he was 5 years old. Vern joined the circus at 8. He was a window dresser in Texas. He shared a limo with a very intoxicated Tony Duquette in LA. Vern has lots of stories. And good taste.


Living room.

RJ and Vern. RJ practicing his hang loose. RJ winters in Hawaii.


Office. Love love love the glass waterfall table with the fauteuils.

Ouiji looking very Glamour-Puss in the kitchen. The carrera backsplash used to be mirrored. Wish I had seen that.


Nerve center.

Vern and his Jesus in a Bottle.

Bathroom. Stage curtains. Obviously.

I hate white toilet seats. Black or dark stained are my favs. Vern seems to agree.

Pipes he found at the Salvation Army. Topped with rocks that he waters to encourage moss growth. Instant art.

Killer GIANT clam shell. The black pearl? A bowling ball. Be still, my beating heart.

Bronze crane fountain.

Family room.

Library tucked behind Chinese wedding bed.

Doesn't everybody's laundry room look like this???????????????


  1. On pve's note... if you invited me to a family reunion I wouldn't decline.


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