Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Project Summer Progress

Making progess. Summer progess. Translation...slow progress.
Antique Chinese screens to be hung on entry wall. Screens from Dotson's Antiques in Coburg.

Here is the family room before...

...and here is the room half done. My clients said they wanted a recliner. I almost cried. Well, it turns out that Lee Industries makes a handsome recliner. Shame on me. Recliner and sectional covered in killer Kravet chenille that is over 100,00 double rubs. Wow. Great colors and cheap, too. Pillows by Peter Fasano. Waiting for custom Le Gracieux fabric for other pillows. I told my client that if I didn't have a coffee table by the time this furniture arrived...I would serve as his coffee table. Never tell a client that you will stand in for furniture. Not a good idea.

Close up of KILLER tiger stripe carpet. I love it. I have always wanted an office with an animal print carpet. Maybe while I am playing coffee table I can field calls and fax orders. On that carpet. On my hands and knees. Attractive and not at all humiliating.

Cool new shelf in hallway.

New bolster/lumbar for client's desk chair. Bounty paper towels served as inspiration.

Shot of guest room. Peter Fasano's Milky Way wallpaper. Pottery Barn bedding. Pillow made from batik fabric client brought back from Bali. Former raw pine side tables painted. Raffia headboard by West Elm.

...and here it is. Every project has one. That one unsuspecting item that takes forever. Full of roadblocks. Order gets lost. Yadiyadiya. Well, my current giant project has gone smoothly. Except. For. This. Who knew? The chair for the man of the house. The chair that Bright Chair Company built. The chair that big wallet honcho sits in every day trying to make more mula. He just wanted an office chair...and it took...forever. Sorry big wallet honcho. It's finally here, though. Bring home more bacon. In your Eno chair.

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