Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dallas Postop

Flew into Dallas in the H1N1 capsule.

Checked in to the Mansion on Turtle Creek.

Heaven on earth. Primped and came down for an incredible dinner. We closed the place. Really.

We woke up ready to do some damage. Dallas. Meet Visa. We hit Mecox Gardens first. There are no words, people. These guys were unbelievable... They gave us our space but when we needed help they were there with paper and pen. Aren't they cute??? Sadly, they weren't for sale.

This table came in when we were shopping. Can you say SISTER WIVES?

Bought this shagreen beauty for the entry...

Wanted these Spitzmillers in olive but they were too big so we had to get olive single gourds instead. Boo hoo. Kidding.

Got this rustic elmwood dining table.

I was feeling clammy but my client wasn't.

Bought one of these.

Picked this up for the guest room.

Which will include one little perfect pillow made from Peter Fasano's Jaipur.

Almost bought these dining chairs from Oly...

Sadly...we missed the Bunny signing.

Tired! Needing protein...and alcohol. Talk about southern hospitality. David from Mecox not only drove us to lunch but walked us in and introduced us. Per his suggestion we hit Parigi's. Check out the cool 3-D cardboard artwork.

A great burger and fries...and I know something about a burger and fries.

...since I am a burger heiress and I was a bit crabby I opted for the decomposed California Roll salad. I ate every single bite.

I told David that I like a little funk in my projects. I cannot buy everything from one place. Even Mecox. It just won't feel right. So...he suggested we hit Vinya.

Great chairs...

Bought these gorgeous inlaid Syrian panels. Two together will be the coffee table.

Back to the Mansion. Regroom for dinner at Al Biernat's. Killer.

Next day we hit the Design Center. We went to George Cameron Nash. They are making a pewter colored sofa and a custom tufted toffee colored mohair banquette.

Pillows on the sofa in Philip Gorrivan's Palladio for Highland Court.

A couple of these little Thomas O'Brien numbers are going to be really sexy in the living room covered in Rose Cumming's Metallic Bird in orange.

We bought a couple of these Christian Liaigre wall units at Holly Hunt.

Dying. Quietly and slowly dying from the beauty of it all.

Custom Venini polyhedral chandelier from Scott & Cooner.

Bought this for the living room at Gallerie Zuger.

Having a silk and wool pewter colored rug made by Tai Ping.

Bought this from Vaughan. Bling for the desk.

If you have a pulse then Michelle Nussbaumber of Ceylon et Cie has been on your radar. She is the faux love child of John Derian and Madeline Weinrib. ON STEROIDS. I just HAD to go. Just had to... So, I dragged my client down the street from the Design Center. FYI. Nobody walks in Dallas. WE WERE THE ONLY ONES. Drivers take women from showroom to showroom. Even showrooms right next to each other....

Mrs. Robinson has nothing on this cougar. I mean, really. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Blue and white to end all blue and white.

Super horny.


Wanted these stools. Badly.

Funny. We saw this incredible vintage eglmoise mirrored table. It didn't work at all in the plan but my client and I couldn't forget it. So...sitting in the Denver airport on the way home I emailed my client and then phoned the store. Cha-ching. It's ours. Old table. New plan. Very David Hicks.

Bought this at Vaughan to sit on the eglomise table.

Then back to the primp...for another artery blowing dinner. At The Ritz. Heaven on earth. Again.

Glutinous first course. Outrageously delicious.

Au revoir Ritz. Au revoir Dallas.

Well, Dallas was great. I had the 5-Star tour which was fabulous. Next time, though, I want to throw in a little low-budget. Food, that is.

Seriously, where else can you order a custom Beretta while your trophy wife picks up a Chanel suit and Jimmy Choos to match? Only Highland Park. Dallas. Texas. Can't wait to go back.


  1. Vicariously, virtually, I felt as if I were there, right by your side, shopping, dining, giggling, scouting - all with a "southern" accent.

  2. Ahhh Dallas. We Texans don't even really consider Dallas to be in Texas. HA! Just kidding. Seriously though, check out the stockyards in Ft. Worth the next time you go to the Metroplex. Weatherford is even better. Granbury doesn't suck at all and it only gets better the further west and south you go. Go in the summer and float to Comal. It's an experience none can touch. Glad you enjoyed your stay!

  3. that's it, im moving to eugene and were building the empire. You dont even have to move the kids, I'll stay in your daughters room...(i mean she doesnt even like it anymore). JW/BP SUPER HORNY INTERIORS

  4. So glad you had a good time - you definitely had the 5-star tour!!!

    There are so many cool places to check out, you must come back! And yes, next time you need to rent a car! LOL! You're right - nobody walks!
    I am sad, though, that you were in my center (I work at Stark) and I didn't get to say hello! Maybe next time.

    Oh, and Sonny Bryan's is great. Not really sure about that other place, though....

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Dallas is my hometown and it has so many facets to explore. Next time have lunch or dinner at Mi Cocina. Check out the Nasher Sculpture Garden and the art at Northpark Mall. Have tapas at Cafe Madrid and take in Brent Laird's consignment shop on Henderson. And, there is more.

    A MUST SEE is Mary Cates and Co. on Lovers Lane.

  6. LOL. Deconstructed Cali Roll salad...or was it really decomposed? Made me smile anyhow.

  7. I just spend the last half hour giggling with delight from your blog! You crack me up. And this is with 4 hours sleep with the 7 month old. That is pretty good. Ha!


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