Friday, November 27, 2009


Always some excitement at my house... We are taking out this 100 foot 80 year-old deodar cedar.

Not that we wanted to...but it abutted right up to our neighbor's house. It naturally shed three giant limbs. Crushing their house three times.

We told naughty Charles that we are going to put a spiral staircase around it with a time-out chair on top. If that won't shape him up, nothing will.


  1. OMG he looks just like you!!

    btw nice hedge.

  2. abutted? Is that a word? Hmmm. . . making things up again, Jen?

  3. 1-2-3 Magic, rent it at your local library, takes much of the pain right out of the everyday training of little people (aka wild animals from the ages of 2 - 14). You will be glad you viewed this video.

    we have a pin oak that is encroaching on our neighbor here in hurricane alley and just a matter of time before crash, boom, bang. that tree needs to go.


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