Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cowhide Rug

I just ordered a second one of these floral patchwork cowhide rugs from The Rug Company.

I am a real one trick pony. Or cow.


  1. I like it, different than the usual hide!

  2. I love these type of cowhide rugs!!! We have some great ones in our showroom right now - they can really get creative with these. I just think they are so cool.

    But beware - they don't really hold up well to commercial applications. I had a client who got a couple from Edelman, and they started to come unstitched and have hair loss - at under 6 months!

  3. I agree with the article, cowhides add a flare of elegance and originality in any decor. The best part of it is that each cowhide rug is different and therefore no two homes are alike.

    There is a large selection and you are able to pick and choose the cowhide at www.eCowhides.com,

    they also have cowhide pillows and more....


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