Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pardon Panties

So...these little bastards were headed to lockdown when their new panties showed up. Jim Thompson's Fretwork panties...straight from Thailand. CAN YOU STAND IT? Well, I can't. I call them Pardon Panties.

My client pops in. The one I nicknamed Ouiji. The one whose iphone ring is sci-fi. You know...Indian Pear girl? She tells me she is clairvoyant and she sees the peacocks with her so I should just give in now. She told me..."Peacocks need to come home to mama". Pressure.

I'm not so quick to ditch these naughty birds. Now that they have new panties. From Jim Thompson. I could play bridge in these chairs...if I knew how. I could smoke Kools in these chairs...if I wanted to. I could definitely wear Lilly Pulitzer in these chairs...if I had any.

...but since I don't aspire to any of those things...I suppose I might loan them to Ouiji 'til my ship comes in and I have room for the birds with new panties.


  1. I'm almost needing to change my own panties from peeing in them from laughter. Really very entertaining and I decided to comment only because I feel all sentimental as I have two very similar peacock chairs in which if they got new rockin cushions like those than I'd be sittin on them like a queen on her throne.

    Love them!

  2. Honestly, who needs sleep, when you can come here for eye opening witty words, new panties and talk of pressure and peacocks.

  3. My sister lives in a inner city Lake where peacocks roam freely, a couple sets...some ducks, and swans! Love thechairs!

  4. Love them! Nicer than any panties I own, to be sure.


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