Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dog Bed

Having a dog bed like this...

made out of this from Groundworks...

for Truly Scrumptious...

because all of her taste is not just in her mouth. This dog has flair.


  1. a dog with flair, with lots of hair.

  2. * I'm SMILING here at your precious "hund" & daughter~~~ (BOTH of whom are soooo CUTE!!!)~~~ OUR German Shorthaired Pointer has had MANY really CHARMING beds (& a few fabulous "handmades"). BUT, no matter WHAT, she IGNORES them in exchange for OUR BED. Always. Period and end of story.

    NOTE: My husband n' I not only "gave up" trying, but we actually LIKE the sweet one sharing bed space w/ us (Hey~ We've been married over 40 years)! She takes up alot of space, despite only weighing 62 lbs, but she IS such a SWEETHEART it's A-OK!!!... Grins n' smiles,

    Linda in AZ *

  3. love your fabric choices, always!

  4. I've been blogging for over two years now and I have read a lot of blogs and I mean a lotttttt of blogs and I just stumbled on to yours and laughed myself into hysterics for a half an hour reading every one of your posts. You have a great sense of humor! I'm a new fan - I'll be stalking you.

  5. Oh Lord, I do love that dog!!!
    I think I shall be returning here!


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