Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The $100 Chair

I bought this chair with a client for $100. Her husband hates that we spiff things up. He knows it will cost a lot more and take forever. Well...that's fairly accurate.

We added one new down cushion flown in from Manhattan, some walnut colored lacquer and 7 yards of Suzanne Rheinstein's Paisley Linen for Lee Jofa.

...and voila. A $100 chair no more...but an heirloom for their kids...and that's pretty cool.


  1. Great chair. Wish I had found it for $100!

    Having a ball reading your blog. Stylish and funny. Love it!

  2. yumminess. that fabric. to die. must find great chairs for my dining table you spotted for me. patience, unlike you, is not one of my gifts!

  3. Ha! The geese... funny. Chair... pretty. love you!


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