Saturday, October 3, 2009

All the Best

Ronda over at All the Best held a Best Bedroom Contest. I submitted a photo not thinking I had a chance. I was extremely flattered when she published this shot...making the first round.

I just about choked on my pâté when she asked for more photos of the room. Nope. It's a shoebox, I told her. True. Ish. It's a hot mess, I thought.

My husband is terrified of hangers.

No AC. Unless you count the fan.
No proper ironing spot. Unless you count this.

I feel like this is how all of those glamorous New Yorkers live, though. So, I gave my teeny multitasking bedroom a new zip code. 10001.

The rest of my house is a little more spacious. Still 97405.

Obviously, I didn't submit the photos with the chair covered in dirty clothes or the attractive elevated fan. My bedroom is cyber history. The finalists' bedrooms are all beautiful, though. Not a Costco fan or a dirty pair of boxers in site. Go check out how the beautiful people live. All award worthy for sure.


  1. you crack me up - congrats on making it to the first round!!!

  2. hey - I love it that you keep it real.
    Heck, I am impressed that you the bedroom!

  3. Glamorous people don't have 3 kids... your bedroom is beautiful! I think your husband and I share the same phobia.. is there a hangars anon.?

  4. Congrats! I love your bedroom!

  5. Well that shows that you actually use your bedroom, and don't just style it.

  6. Sweetie, its so unreal all those beautiful shots, I just think them more often as staged and then some, these people have reality too!
    Unless they have an army of housekeepers...well, they probably do!
    Anyway I love your darling tiny bedroom, clever used for multitasking!


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