Thursday, October 29, 2009


People ask me all of the time about buying things online. Is there risk involved? Uh, most definitely. Especially when the large amount of money involved belongs to somebody else. So, I rely on the reputations of established dealers if I can't see and touch the item. Here is one example.

Space and Ouiji needed a new dining table and chairs. I found a set of 6 French bridge chairs from Antiques on Old Plank Road.
He had two more that were similar so we had those upholstered to match.

Then I spoke to the owner. Richard, I said, we like the chairs but we need a table. Can you help me out? Apparently, they have a huge custom shop. Handy. He sent me lots of options.

Pretty...but too sweet.

..which was made for Katie Lee...the ex Mrs. Billy Joel.

Very Giacometti. Nice but not right for us... I believe this was made for one of Barbara Barry's clients.

Now we are getting somewhere. Trestle. We like. A bit too fussy, though. it. We'll take the table but my client doesn't do blondes... we had this trestle table built and had it stained brunette to compliment the chairs. Here it is naked in the shop before the staining process...

The chairs don't all quite match but, oddly, that makes us like them a little bit if they were acquired. Kind of like everything else in the house of Space and Ouiji.

Including Lulu the dog. Who was found at the Piccadilly flea market. Really. THE FLEA MARKET. Isn't that hilarious?


  1. Over the past year, I have purchased three side tables, a large english mirror, a large relief and a few smaller accessories, all from dealers I found on the internet. Nothing was more expensive than $1500, but several of the items were in that range and I was nervous about making that size of a purchase online (with a store I didn't know way across the country). To my surprise, everything came in the condition I expected and was as beautiful as had been conveyed via email and in pictures. Antiques on Old Plank Road is one of my favorite sites although I've never purchased anything from them. The stores that came through for me so wonderfully were: Uptowner Antiques in New Orleans, English Country Antiques in Cambridge, Mass, Asher House Antiques in NY state and The Gables Antiques in Atlanta. I would order from all of them again in a heartbeat. it certainly widens your shopping choices when you can go to trusted sources outside of your geographic area.

    Love the table and chairs. And, of course, the dog as well

  2. STUNNING! I am head over heels. Had no idea Katie lee was now an ex. I learn so much here:)

  3. Fantastic chairs and table. Those chairs will only get better looking over time (not that they aren't gorgeous already!)


  4. Never ending learning process, divorce, tables, chairs and trust worthy dealers, almost to good to be true...That table turned out fabulous!


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