Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two for You, One for Me

Today I met with an old friend who needs some house help. She has 2 year old twins and her house is currently twin proof...which is to say that it is basically empty and safe...which I get but it is totally time to get things prettified...for the sake of mommy's mental health.

The girl is on a tight budget so she needs to make some good decisions. She is currently paralyzed but she has to start somewhere. We had a little talk. No, you aren't painting your great room turquoise. If you buy a can of turquoise paint call your doctor and refill your prescription. Then call me and maybe we'll use it to paint a little room. Powder room...maybe. Let's just get started. We aren't buying Sotheby's heirloom pieces but this won't be crap.

Go get a big seagrass rug to define the living room area.

Let's order a Lee Industries sofa.

Let's get you a Red Egg Octagonal Coffee Table.

Get some great cheap ikat pillows from www.fabricadabra.com.

No, you aren't getting Pottery Barn grommet curtains. You want real curtains with real pleats. Grown up curtains. We'll use an inexpensive fabric and have yummy and full curtains made...maybe a teeny ticking stripe or a plain linen with a trim down the leading edge. Spend on labor. Save on fabric. Like Nicole did from SoHaute!

Dining room. Get a bamboo shade from Smith and Noble. Inside mount.

Dining table...I like this one from Wisteria... We can find a bunch of antique chairs that don't match.

We also need a mirror, a console, a pair of lamps, etc...

Then we need to start finding things at vintage stores. Value plus character. If we can buy 2 found things per month the house will be looking better in no time. I went to an antique store and this is what I found for her...

October's Two Things:

Vintage mercury glass lamp...$95 bucks. Super duper chic and shiny. This lamp doubles as a mirror for lipstick checks while chasing dwarf terrorists.

1970s 48" round gold framed mirror to fill up the large empty wall in the dining room. Big and round. Like she was when she was pregnant. $350.

Reverse painted Asian art on glass. $130. This one's for me...because it whispered 'take me home'.

So...okay, you little shits. There is a new decorator in town and her name is not Fisher Price. We need to learn how to respect mommy's pretty new things because pretty new things make mommy very happy...and everybody wants a happy mommy. Right?



  1. OMG!!!
    Well, if you need inspiration on what to do with the kiddos....you might try the Shining.
    These girls look like they may be related!
    Seriously, though love the ideas & you go girl!

  2. Jen - Hi! Just let me start by saying that I've been following your blog for a long time now and really enjoy your eye and sense of humor. If your client doesn't want that round mirror I do. But honestly that doesn't sound much like a tight budget. I love lee industries and have my eye on 3 of their counter stools but it takes an investment to own any of their stuff. And I've been shopping around for great curtains for the Farmhouse my husband and I just finished and let me tell you there are not a lot of affordable options for the average person. Pottery barn sounds pretty good over (gasp) JC Penny. Thanks to you it looks like her place is going to turn out great!

  3. I think your designer domanatrix is in momma overdrive.
    Sort of like you are protecting your wild. Please tell her people they will be locked up if there is any spillage.

  4. Please post pics when it's done!! and your found objects are fabulous!!! Love it all!! PS I have twins, a Butterball and a tight budget..come do my house next!!

  5. A great plan. Everyone should start off with that plan. Love your new piece too!

  6. PVE, people warned! Love this! It's like my own online design board. You didn't mention that you thought I should shave my head, but I trust ya..."honey, where are your clippers?"

  7. Jen,
    There's a mom in town with 3 reckless light-saber toting boys that needs your help asap!
    Love the plan, love the 2 things a month... great idea!

  8. think you should have picked up that crazy turquoise cow skull in the background of your mirror picture. talk about quirky! haha. love it all. where are you shopping? i must go there. all asian stuff speaks to me when i go shopping. really it has become a problem.

  9. hey...i actually learned alot from this posting, in terms of priorities... seems simple but our job can be like balancing a scale sometimes.

    btw... in the words of rachel zoe...i die for you

  10. Perfectly delightful and insightful (hey I'm a poet-:) Love your ideas and only wish you were closer to me....or New York so you could do a little magic here! And please some before and after....

  11. bpi...i die for you too. sleepless in seattle after perusing pacific galleries?

  12. I've been looking for a pretty shiny lamp just like that one! So, if you client doesn't want it, feel free to send it down to Texas.... ;-)

    Really pretty stuff!!

    Speaking on the curtains, I did buy some from JC Penney's. I wanted pleated curtains too, but only had around $125 - $150 in my budget for them. And they had to be washable (I have dogs who sometimes don't respect that just because the curtains are by the back door doesn't mean that they are outside!). So, on a sale I caught a pair of the Jewel Tex pleated curtains. They're not the most luxurious, and I wouldn't call them "designer", but they're better than Ikea and thermal lined. Of course, haven't had the need to wash them yet in the 3 months that I've had them.... of course.

    Sorry about the super-long comment... love your blog!


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