Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Straight Runner

Here is our current stair runner. It is the second version that we have had of a blond faux wool/sisal. I loved the contrast against the walnut stained treads. I'm over it.

If I was loaded and didn't have to commit for too long this would be a fun nutty choice. Lee Jofa's Ikat wool...MAYBE in my second home...my Uzbek cabin.

I think I would choose better colors than LJ did. Prussian blue and butter? Borat brown and hot pink?

CZ Guest had it all figured out, though. She had a whole gaggle of little naughty purebred peeing dogs so she had this put in her house almost everywhere.

I don't want to mention the unmentionable things that are still happening around here but let's be real. I'm shooting for this one.

A bent man would get it. My straight husband might need some convincing.


  1. . . . but what would Jaymar.34554 think?

  2. That's hilarious. My new bumper sticker. I'm currently awaiting my new vanity plates. Seriously.

  3. yes. install it! but don't be surprised if you see me rubbing my nakedness all over it.

  4. It's somewhat hard to tell with the rest of your place invisible. I do not disagree with a bit of lepard ...

  5. Patterns hide a multitude of sins and leopard spots add a wild element of devilish fun!

  6. We just put leopard on our stairs and it is awesome! Everyone loves it, including my straight husband. Do it!!!! RIght Now!!!!

  7. Where did you source the leopard? I want leopard stair runner/carpet badly, and I've been looking everywhere! Please email me at msrachaelblack@gmail.com!!!


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