Thursday, October 8, 2009

Screwy Louis

I bought a pair of crusty vintage Baker Louis XVI chairs...

I waffled on the fabric...

I really wanted something neutral and geometric that contrasted with the sexy curves of the some of you may remember...

Focus. Jen. Focus. I finally committed to a Sea Cloth fabric.

...good choice...I had the gilding touched up a bit but not too much. I like crusty, people.

Carvers Guild Mirror. Julian Chichester console. 12 vintage Chinese rice paintings and a cloisonné vase. A recipe for gorgyness.

Now...I just need a hanger...


  1. nice- now I want to see some fabulous paint on that a luxe color. Something smoky...

  2. A lacquered prussian blue??? Ballet pink? Wallpaper or grasscloth would be great, too, but the walls have too much texture. Sad.

  3. Very beautiful. Mauve or pink wallpaper with a subtle pattern and sheen perhaps?

  4. these looks great, I love that fabric!


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