Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No Remote...Still

My remote isn't here. I had to call Comcast back.

user Jen_ has entered room
Jen>I want a new remote control.
analyst Christian.35346 has entered room
Christian.35346>Hello Jen_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Christian.35346. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Christian.35346>I will be more than happy to assist you about your concern today. Let me check my resources and get that information for you.
Christian.35346>I understand that you want a new remote. Let me help.
Christian.35346>Is this a replacement remote, Jen?
Jen>I ordered one a month ago. It never showed up. I talked to Jaymar on the 11th. Still no remote.
Christian.35346>I understand.
Jen>Do you?
Christian.35346>I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Christian.35346>For security verification and the protection of your account, may I verify the last 4 digits of your social security number please?
Jen>Do you really understand? Do you watch TV without a remote?
Christian.35346>I know it is inconvenient not to have a remote while watching.
Jen>It's a different world today, Christian. If I'm drinking Chardonnay...grassy, not oak...I'm okay. If not. I miss my remote.
Christian.35346>We do have something in common.
Christian.35346>Let me process the remote delivery, Jen.
Christian.35346>It will be just one moment while I bring up the required information. Thank you for your patience.
Jen>I'm patient. People say that is my gift.
Christian.35346>That is a great gift though.
Christian.35346>I admire you.
Jen>I think I should light my tv on fire. Just get rid of it.
Christian.35346>That is a bad idea.
Jen>Sorry. You are right. No fire. Maybe just bubble wrap.
Christian.35346>One moment please.
Jen>i'm a hungry tiger. A cougar for the remote. Gimme my remote.
Jen>(Tearing meat sound)
Christian.35346>I am processing the remote.
Jen>Don't tease me.
Jen>I hate a tease.
Jen>Are you a Christian? Christian?
Christian.35346>It is true. Someone will be there to drop the remote.
Christian.35346>A catholic.
Jen>Catholic? In a cubicle? That is a series in the making. A Catholic in a Cubicle. Very Larry David.
Jen>Zappos can drop the remote. You order something from them and within 24 hrs they drop on your porch. It is like they are hiding in your bushes. Why can't Comcast do that? Why?
Christian>I am sorry for the inconvenience.
Jen>I could tell.
Christian.35346>I am processing it right now.
Jen>Still? You should call Zappos.
Christian.35346>I am making sure that everything will be settled on the second request.
Christian.35346>I already processed the remote, Jen.
Jen>No way. Christian. Really? True?
Jen>Will I get two? One from Jaymar and one from you?
Jen>Will they be signed?
Jen>Can I sell them on ebay?
Christian.35346>One remote will be delivered.
Jen>I don't believe you..................
Christian.35346>I already noted the account about the previous remote order.
Jen>I want to decoupage it.
Jen>Where is my little friend?????????????
Christian.35346>Is there anything else?
Jen>Wink wink?
Jen>I guess that's it. Christian.
Christian.35346>Christian.35346 has left room


  1. i am hooked. for life. or as long as you do this thing.


  2. You're a hoot! The Comcast chats are too funny. I know you want your remote, but I want more chat sessions ;o) Good luck!

  3. These seriously crack me up!! Good stuff.

  4. I am going to come over to your house, and while you are not looking I am going to steal your remote, just so I can have another post about your phone call to Comcast...


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