Friday, October 30, 2009

Naomi's Lampshades

Today I drove 200 miles to visit the greatest lamp shade shop in Lake Oswego called Naomi's.

My client and I put 5 lamps in a box, 2 in towels, belted 1 in a toddler seat and wrapped one in a forgotten lifejacket. We were good to go.

The gals that run this place do not mess around. They will disassemble, reglue, rewire and reshade your lamp while you wait. They like power tools. I am sure you must write Complete Asskicker on your job application if there is any hope of you being employed here.

These acrylic buddha lamps from C. Damien Fox I found for my client really needed the perfect shades...

...and we found them...

...and then some...

I always isn't time to go home until the car is full.


  1. Stop, just stop. Enough. Uncle. I give up. You win

  2. ...time for a moving truck or larger van....ha!
    great lamps!!

  3. Yeah to that one!

    LOVE those buddha lamps! Beautiful on that table! Great shades!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Jen, Did you apply? You are the queen ASSKICKER! You rock. . . your loving sister!

  5. how satisying it must feel to buy that many lamps at once. i want to do that.

  6. yummy to all. you need a bigger truck!

  7. i miss naomi's so much...those girls "throw some serious shade"

  8. Car is not enough for all these designs........ LOL..... Great design and huge number of collection here. Those Budda lamps are looking soooooooo pretty. Thanks for the nice shopping...

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